Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Saying goodbye on the Phone with ah Kuen

Kuen " so they will be patching up the wall soon ......maybe next week..... have to wait for the fifth floor....
... (8 minutes later) ..... just to let you know I will be making the chicken this year .......

Me : " mom I have to get back to work , we can talk later "

Kuen:  " .....

Me:  " mom? " mother ? ah kuen? "

>>>>>calling her back ......

Kuen:  " mut yea ah" (what)

Me:  " why did you hang up on me "

Kuen:  " you said you have to go back to work"

Me:  " can you please say bye next time, I hate it when you just hang up "

Kuen:  " i have to go"


Friday, August 12, 2011

This is just one day....

-You look skinny from behind
-I only eat pork once a year
-Oatmeal is so much better in California
-Wheat bread is so much better in California
-air is so much better in California
-Didn't you pack shampoo and conditioner that might be almost finished so that you don't have to take it back home?
-Is this building a hotel? I think it's a hotel. I'm saying that I think it's a hotel.
-You don't believe me? I swear to  light bulb that i'm speaking the truth.
-he'll eat whatever he can fit in his mouth

and that day was 1/18/2011

Chat with ah Kuen

mom -   does Geoff like to have breakfast in the morning?
me -      yes ! he loves to have cereal and toast, he likes them on the sweet side too
mom -    oh i can see why , he must got hook on cereal because he was probably very lonely before he met      you.....
me -      what are you talking about??

"if you dont know then you should prop up your pillow high and really think about it"